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Surveyor Negligence Claims

How long will my legal dispute against a surveyor take


How long will my legal dispute against a surveyor take

It is impossible to say how long a claim for professional negligence will take. It must be made to the court within six years of the negligent act and will take several months at least.

You are expected to follow the pre-action protocol for professional negligence claims before starting court proceedings, and the courts also expect you to take reasonable steps to try and resolve a dispute before going to court, such as settlement negotiations or mediation.

You may also wish to first use your surveyor's own complaints procedure, escalating to his/her professional governing body or ultimately ombudsman services before you take legal action.

It is advisable to seek legal advice as to whether there has been negligence and the likely value of any claim that you may have before making a direct complaint or going to any ombudsman. You do not want to inadvertently prevent yourself from suing your surveyor by pursuing a complaint without first considering all options available to you and the likely value of your claim.

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