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Surveyor Negligence Claims

If I have a case against a surveyor


If I have a case against a surveyor

Negligence claims against surveyors about valuation reports are unlikely to succeed if the valuation is within the correct 'ballpark' figure. Similarly, disputes about estimates for repair or refurbishment work can also be tricky to prove.

If a homebuyer's report fails to highlight a serious problem with the property, success depends on how obvious the flaw was and whether a reasonably competent surveyor should have noticed it and suggested further investigation.

A full structural survey requires the surveyor to go over the structure and surface of the house in detail to advise of any problems such as dry rot, insufficient support, poorly built extensions or subsidence. If you had a full structural survey which missed major and obvious problems like subsidence or extensive dry rot for example, a claim for compensation is more likely to succeed.

It should be noted that a surveyor cannot always be expected to find every fault in a building and whether they are negligent will depend on the facts of the case.

Remember also that the courts may only award the difference in value between a property in fair condition and the defective property rather than the actual cost of rectifying the defects.

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