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Court of Protection

More about Court of Protection fees


More about Court of Protection fees

There are a number of fees associated with Court of Protection and you will find some help and guidance in the following leaflets:

The basic application fee is £400 and if the application is in relation to the appointment of a deputy, there is an appointment fee of £100 to pay. Supervision fees that are levied on deputies and charged by the OPG were restructured in October 2011 – before that, each level of supervision was charged at a different fee rate. The four levels of supervision remained unchanged:

Level 1 – close supervision

Level 2A – intermediate supervision

Level 2 – low supervision

Level 3 – minimal supervision

A flat rate fee of £320 is charged for the first three levels of supervision. 'Minimal supervision', which previously did not attract any fee, now incurs a small 'administration charge' of £35. If a Professional Deputy is appointed, they too will charge fees which are calculated at an hourly rate as assessed by the Supreme Court costs office.

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