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Trust Disputes

How do I dispute a trust or claim against it


How do I dispute a trust or claim against it?

It is a serious matter to suggest that a trustee or executor is untrustworthy or acting improperly. You may wish to remove or replace trustees or executors if you can demonstrate that they are dishonest or incompetent and are failing to distribute the assets that you are entitled to or are acting negligently.

You may have asked to see a copy of the will, but been refused. The executor may not 'finalise' the estate and pay you the money you are owed. Perhaps they are not maintaining a property bequeathed as part of the estate to prevent it decreasing in value or are using that property for themselves when they are not permitted to do so.

A dishonest or incompetent executor or trustee can cause huge stress at a time when that pressure is the last thing you need. Many aggrieved beneficiaries feel that executors and trustees cannot be challenged, but there are clear rules relating to the conduct of trustees and executors. Challenging the conduct of an executor or trustee is a complex, but not interminable, procedure. However, the speedy intervention of a solicitor is essential to resolve these disputes.

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