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Trust Disputes

How long will my trust dispute or claim last


How long will my trust dispute or claim last?

It is difficult to say how long it will take to resolve any type of dispute. Access Legal will advise you on the evidence you need and identify the value of any claim you may have. We can write to your opponent and try to resolve your dispute without having to go to court. We will suggest mediation where appropriate, as many disputes are resolved with the help of an independent mediator.

This can be quicker and cheaper than going to court, especially if the parties in dispute are prepared to be reasonable and willing to co-operate. However, depending on the complexity of the case, even mediation can take several years to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

If it is not possible to resolve the dispute though mediation, court action will be necessary. How long it takes to get to trial depends on the court timetable that is set to manage your case and given the demands on the court service that could take several weeks or months.

Whatever means is required to resolve your dispute, whether mediation or litigation, we will aim to reach the speediest conclusion possible that preserves and protects your best interests, however long it takes.

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