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If I have a case about back injury


If I have a case about back injury

There are statutory time limits involved in making any back injury claim, so it is important you speak to us as soon as possible so we can gather medical evidence in support of your claim.

Making a back injury claim can be a daunting prospect because these cases take time to establish both the nature and extent of the back injuries and get whoever was at fault for causing the injury to admit blame.

Many victims are reluctant to take legal action against their employer for fear of jeopardising future employment, if they can return to work. This should not deter you. The law protects employees who take justified legal action against an employer.

You need not worry about the cost of taking action either. At Access Legal our No-Win-No-Fee solicitors can manage your case from initial conversation to final settlement with absolutely no financial risk to you.

Winning a successful, substantial claim will depend partly on establishing the extent of your injuries. Prolapsed discs are relatively easy to prove whereas soft tissue injuries can be trickier, often requiring an MRI scan to diagnose. It's not always essential to show that someone else’s negligence was exclusively responsible for your back injury.

If your legal team are convinced you do have a case, their priorities will be to address your ongoing therapy and rehabilitation as well as ensuring that you and your family do not suffer financially as a result of your back injury.

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