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more about back injury claims


more about back injury claims

Seeing your GP early will lend weight to your back injury claim because it means there'll be independent evidence of your injuries. Additional evidence to support your claim may come from an independent medical expert such as an orthopaedic consultant.

All this can help us when we're building up the evidence to support your back injury claim. The more common back injuries include soft tissue injuries where tissues and muscles around the back are damaged causing pain, stiffness and restriction of movement. Wrenching injuries, when the mechanical structure of the back is affected and sometimes pulled out of line, is also common.

Back pain can be equally debilitating when discs are prolapsed (the inner softer part of the disc bulges out –sometimes also called a slipped disc) and push on a nearby nerve or the spaces between the vertebrae are impacted.

There's a range of treatment available for back injuries (including steroid injections or surgery in very severe cases) but the most common approaches are physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and osteopathy.

The objective of any claim for back injury is to support you and your family by funding those treatments needed to speed your recovery. Access Legal can also usually secure early interim payments to pay for rehabilitation or specialist equipment even before the claim proper has begun.

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