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How do I make a brain injury claim


How do I make a brain injury claim

Finding a specialist solicitor to deal with your claim is vital. Your legal team needs an in depth knowledge of the law and an understanding of the medical issues surrounding your injury. It is also useful if that firm can provide a range of associated legal services such as setting up personal injury trusts, preparing wills and powers of attorney or dealing with the Court of Protection if someone has suffered a very severe brain injury and needs assistance with managing their affairs.

Once you have found lawyers experienced in handling different types of brain injury claims, their first step should be to listen to your story and then gather the evidence required to prove your case. That's why we have established excellent relationships with the right medical experts who can accurately assess your injury and what ongoing therapy or care will be required.

Early provision of the appropriate therapy is essential, so we don't spare any effort to deliver the medical support you need as soon as possible while seeking speedy interim pay-out awards to fund whatever other treatment you require.

Sometimes it might be best if we negotiate a settlement rather than go to court but we will always discuss all the options available to you in clear language so you are happy with whatever we plan to do. Don’t’ worry if you find it difficult to come to our offices. We’ll be happy to come to you either at home or at hospital.

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