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Children's School Accident Claims

How do I make a claim about an accident at school


How do I make a claim about an accident at school

If you think you have a case for making a claim based on a school accident contact Access Legal’s specialist lawyers who can give you initial advice, usually without any cost or obligation to use our services.

Anyone under 18 cannot make a claim themselves and although they are the client, an adult (usually a relative) must act as their litigation friend. Their role is to instruct the solicitor and sign legal documents on behalf of the child.

Seeing your child in any sort of pain is very distressing, so we will investigate the causes of the accident and work with medical experts to establish your child’s immediate needs and fund any medical treatment by interim payments from the other side before the claim has even begun. This also allows us to build a case that accurately values the cost of any current and future support your child might require, which could be life-long and expensive if their injuries are severe.

You should report the accident to a teacher or other person in authority as soon as possible, making sure it is noted in the accident book. Claiming any medical costs and travelling expenses is always easier if you keep any receipts as evidence.

If successful, an award is usually paid into the Court Funds Office, where it is held until the child reaches the age of 18. The money, plus interest, is then released, however it is possible to ask the judge to allow some of the award to be paid straight away if it's needed.

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