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Children's School Accident Claims

If I have a claim about an accident at school


If I have a claim about an accident at school

The key to making a successful accident at school claim is to prove that another person (the nursery or school where the accident happened) was responsible for the injury to your child. Such proof must be convincing, but it is only necessary to persuade a judge that, on the balance of probabilities, your version of events is likelier to be correct.

Accidents at school need careful consideration. Some minor injuries are simply part of a child's natural development as an active, social human being. Litigation should not be your first thought if your child comes home with a few bumps, scrapes and bruises.

If your son or daughter suffers a significant injury which was caused by someone else's negligence you may have a case for making a claim on their behalf. While a child is on the premises (and also when off on school trips) school staff must take the same care of the children in their class as a parent would.

Some school activities do require extra care and attention. Games and PE lessons for example involve a risk of injury so the equipment used should be maintained in good condition and pupils should be given adequate instruction on how to use it safely.

Thousands of school trips pass off safely, but sometimes things can go wrong. If the trip was not properly planned or was reckless or ill advised or the equipment, transport or instruction was inadequate you may have a case to make a claim for an accident at school.

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