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Children's School Accident Claims

More about accident at school claims


More about accident at school claims

A school has a duty to take care to avoid your child having any sort of accident in school. Clearly, there are some accidents that may be genuinely beyond the school’s ability to prevent but there should always be sufficient staff on duty to properly supervise the activities of the children.

A child is encouraged to be inquisitive both mentally and physically at school, but that inevitably involves an element of risk taking. The instruction, supervision and equipment provided by a school must take into account the age of your child and the dangers of any activities in which they are expected to participate.

There are unavoidable risks in using some playground equipment like climbing frames. No amount of supervision can completely eliminate the risk of a fall, however any equipment should not be too high for the children and the surface under it should cushion a fall.

If your child was injured in these circumstances, an accident at school claim could be made because the school had been negligent in their duty to ensure equipment provided was suitable and safe.

Ordinarily, a personal injury claim by an adult must be brought within three years from the date of the accident. In the case of a child the three year period runs from their 18th birthday. This means an accident at school claim for a child can be made at any time before their 21st birthday. However, it is not advisable to wait until the limitation period is imminent and legal advice should be obtained at the earliest opportunity after the accident.

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