Children's Trespassing Accident Claims

Government help and benefits for accidents whilst trespassing


Government help and benefits for accidents whilst trespassing

Government help and benefits are available if your child has been injured in an accident whilst trespassing but such assistance will usually be given to the parents of guardian of the child. The issue of trespass will have no bearing on what support you may be entitled to claim.

It is the likely duration and severity of your child’s injuries, not the nature of the accident itself, that will determine what level of government support, such as carer’s allowance, might be available. If your child was aged between 16 and 18 when the accident happened and has a long-term health condition or disability that means they cannot live independently, it may be possible to claim Personal Independence Payment.

If they were under 16 at the time of the accident and require more care or supervision than other children their age because of their injuries, it may be possible to claim Disability Living Allowance.

Government benefits and support will either be means-tested or based on an assessment of your child’s injuries and their needs. To find out exactly what you are entitled to, visit your local Jobcentre Plus. Other useful sources of help and information include the Citizens Advice Bureau. More details of local and central government support for parents of disabled children can be found on the Gov.UK website. Charities such as Scope can also provide useful information.

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