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Children's Road Accident Claims

If I have a case about a road traffic accident RTA


If I have a case about a road traffic accident (RTA)

If your child has been injured in a road traffic accident (RTA) as a car passenger or a pedestrian, you may have a case for making a compensation claim on their behalf.

As with all personal injury claims, your Access Legal team would need to prove that someone was responsible for their injury (either the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in or the driver of another vehicle).

Whatever the circumstances, always contact the police to report the accident and call an ambulance if appropriate. It will help your child’s case if you can take names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident and take photographs of the scene.

Even if there were no independent witnesses you may still have a strong enough case to make a claim. The same applies to pedestrian accidents. Should your child be struck by a car, call the emergency services first then get witness details and take photographs of the scene.

In child road traffic injury cases a claim can be made on the child’s behalf up to three years after they reach the age of 18, so even if the accident occurred several years ago you may still have a case.

Legal action is much more likely to be successful if recall of the events by all the parties concerned is still fresh, so despite the extended limitation period for child accident claims, it is important to seek advice from Access Legal’s specialist lawyers as soon as possible to determine if you do have a case.

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