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Children's Road Accident Claims

More about Road Traffic Accident RTA claims


More about Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims

Children can sustain exactly the same sort of injuries in a road traffic accident (RTA) as adults but the consequences can be much more serious. That’s especially true of head injuries, which can have a devastating impact.

The law requires all children travelling in a car to use an EU-approved child seat until they are 12 years of age. It is crucial to make sure it is fitted properly to safeguard your child and avoid accusations of 'contributory negligence' being made against the parents in a child road accident claim.

There are a number of factors your team at Access Legal would consider in any RTA claim for child injury. Damages should cover costs for home tuition if your child has to take a lot of time off school and reimbursing parents for loss of earnings while they provide care for their vulnerable youngster.

Although a child cannot make a road traffic accident claim themselves, if legal action is successful damages are awarded directly to the child, not the adult acting as their litigation friend. Any award will have to be approved by the court to ensure it is large enough to fund the child’s needs now and in the future, especially if the injuries are such that the youngster will need life-long care.

Any damages paid are transferred into a court supervised special investment account which the injured child can get access to when they turn 18. The court may be prepared to release some of the funds before the child reaches 18 if there are compelling reasons to do so.

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