more about military injury compensation claims

more about military injury compensation claims


Like any other employer, the MoD has a legal duty to make sure the men and women of our armed forces get the right equipment, protection, training and support.  That duty of care extends  to ensuring that it’s practices and culture do not condone or encourage instances of assault, bullying, or harassment that lead to mental health problems, bodily harm or serious injury.

If the MoD can be shown to have been negligent in that duty of care you may be entitled to make a military injury compensation claim.  You may be able to claim military injury compensation for injuries suffered as a result of training exercises, defective equipment or exposure to cold conditions.  Even if you feel there was some degree of ‘blame’ for the accident on your part, it may still be worth making a military injury compensation claim.

Military personnel who have suffered assault or bullying may be reluctant to take legal action simply because they are unaware that they can make a claim. No matter who the perpetrators of these assaults and bullying might have been - NCOs, private soldiers or officers – you are still entitled to make a claim for compensation.

We can give advice and assistance and fight your corner since the MoD cannot evade its duty of care towards you.  We can advise you about making a claim without commitment and will talk you through all of the options available.  We will always try to find a way of helping you that best suits your individual needs.

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