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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Claims

How do I make a PTSD claim


How do I make a PTSD claim

In order to make a successful claim for post traumatic stress disorder, you must demonstrate that not only are you suffering from the illness, but that it is a direct consequence of the accident or traumatic event you were involved in.

Access Legal must then prove that another person’s negligence was responsible for the accident itself. This proof need only be to the standard of the ‘balance of probabilities’ required in civil cases.

The symptoms of PTSD may not become serious until well after the traumatic episode that caused them, but the sooner you contact Access Legal’s expert lawyers to make a possible PTSD claim the better. We will provide all the help, advice and support you require as well as preparing a case on your behalf.

Many PTSD victim are members of the emergency services or the armed forces. In these cases, not only must we prove that your PTSD is a direct result of a civil emergency or military combat, but also that the relevant employer (fire, police or MOD) failed to identify and treat your condition.

Making a successful claim against the MOD for failure to identify and treat PTSD is difficult while claims by police officers who witnessed the Hillsborough disaster were rejected. Our team at Access legal will do everything in its power to ensure you receive compensation for your psychological injury and put you in touch with civilian PTSD support groups such as Mind or military charities like Forces in the Community and Combat Stress.

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