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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Claims

If I have a PTSD case


If I have a PTSD case

You will have a case for making a post traumatic stress disorder claim if the psychological injury is more than the ‘normal’ upset and emotion that would expected to result from the traumatic event you suffered or witnessed.

Some professions are more likely to be exposed to the risk of psychological injury. Members of the armed forces and emergency services run a greater risk of injury in their jobs and will frequently come face to face with shocking scenes.

You need not have sustained any physical injury but your condition must also be a recognisable, properly diagnosed psychological illness in order to be considered PTSD. Psychological injuries differ from physical injuries in that they may not be immediately apparent and are very difficult to diagnose.

People who have suffered PTSD as a consequence of directly witnessing a traumatic event involving family members may also have a case for making a PTSD claim as a secondary victim. However, as a result of the cases of Hillsborough relatives and attending emergency services who claimed to be secondary victims, there are strict limits on who can bring such a claim.

As awareness of PTSD and other types of psychological injury increases, more people are successfully claiming for real and potentially devastating psychiatric conditions. If we think you have a good case for making a claim, our experienced personal injury team at Access Legal can give you the justice you deserve and the therapy and support you need.

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