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Neck, Back & Spinal Injury Claims

more about back neck and spine injuries


more about back, neck and spine injuries

In most cases, the severity of any neck and back injury or spinal cord damage will be immediately apparent requiring medical attendance. Though it is not uncommon for those who do not receivesuch treatment to experience symptoms hours, weeks or months after the event. Anyone involved in a car crash who experiences discomfort in their neck or a tingling sensation should consult a doctor immediately.

A soft tissue injury usually occurs in situations where the neck is rapidly jerked backwards and forwards. These supposedly minor injuries usually heal within 6-12 months, however, some can give rise to long term chronic pain.

More serious neck and cervical spine injuries can lead to long term damage and disability while any traumatic injury can affect a pre-existing degenerative condition causing long term problems. A lower back injury can vary from a simple strain to fractured vertebrae, sacroiliac injury (injury to joint at back of pelvis) or disc damage and can be one of the most crippling and debilitating injuries to deal with.

If you have suffered any sort of road traffic accident injury, no matter how seemingly trivial, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible and contact specialist lawyers in a personal injury law firm such as Access Legal. We can advise you about whether you can make a claim for a pay-out award and arrange for the treatment and support you need to aid your recovery.

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