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How do I make a claim about a motorbike accident


How do I make a claim about a motorbike accident

Even if you consider your injuries to be minor, get checked out by your GP before you contact a specialist motorbike accident solicitor. If your injuries are severe, you’re likely to be in hospital. Our team of experienced lawyers can visit you there or at home if you prefer to discuss the accident claim and any immediate difficulties you face that require urgent attention.

We will also begin investigations with the police and any witnesses to your accident and aim to get an admission of liability from the other side, although this may have to wait for an inquest or the conclusion of criminal proceedings. If liability is admitted, or we think we have a good chance of proving liability, Access Legal will obtain medical reports from leading independent experts and technical reports about damage to your bike.

Often, those medical reports make recommendations for immediate actions to speed your recovery. We can secure interim payments to fund any treatment and rehabilitation before the case proper has even begun.

When we have the final reports we will be able to value your claim. The principle of any motorcycle injury claim is to put you in the same position as you would have been but for the accident. Obviously this may not be possible in cases of really serious injury, so damages awarded can be substantial, dependent upon the severity of your injuries and the ongoing support and assistance you may require for the rest of your life.

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