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How do I make a claim about spinal cord injury


How do I make a claim about spinal cord injury

If you wish to make a spinal injury claim, you usually must do so within three years of the injury. There are some exceptions to this, but victims or their families considering spinal injury claims should not delay getting in contact with a specialist solicitor.

You should not be put off making a spinal injury claim due to concerns over cost. Spinal injury claims can be conducted on a ‘No-Win-No-Fee’ basis which removes any financial risk. In the unlikely event that a claim we handle is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny in fees

Contacting a solicitor with the necessary experience and expertise in cases like these is essential. The claim will inevitably involve a great deal of medical and medico-legal evidence and argument which your legal team must commission and understand. The must also appreciate how all the implications of your medical condition affect you and your family.

There is a great deal more work involved in spinal injury claims compared to ‘routine’ personal injury cases. Lawyers must give far more consideration to your needs for the long-term future as well as any immediate recompense for the pain, suffering and out of pocket expenses you have incurred.

Anyone who has suffered a spinal injury will need to secure an award that covers all of the ongoing and sometimes less obvious costs they might incur through life, which could also include provision for current or future dependents.

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