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If I have a case about a spinal cord injury


If I have a case about a spinal cord injury

Establishing whether you have a case will depend on showing that someone else’s negligence was responsible for you injury. That’s usually not an issue in cases like these, although negligence must still be proved and liability can be disputed for many months. However, we can usually get any treatment and access to specialist equipment and support agreed and funded straight away before the legal process involved in your claim has even begun.

Different types of spinal cord injury may have different causes and will require different legal approaches and levels of care, rehabilitation and support. If an accident was responsible for your spinal cord injury, even if you think you may have been partly to blame, you may have a case that’s likely to succeed.

Spinal cord injury claims are highly complex and technical so it’s important to make sure your chosen spinal injury solicitors have the expertise and practical experience to handle your claim. Every client is different and your individual family circumstances may be varied and complex.

Your legal team’s priorities must be to ensure that you and your family do not suffer financially as well as addressing your ongoing practical and emotional needs. They should take the lead in assessing the support you will require, often for life, as well as negotiating the best possible financial award on your behalf.

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