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Spinal cord injury government help and benefits


Spinal cord injury government help & benefits

The process of applying for benefits is complex and can be confusing. You could get some guidance on benefits and how to apply for them from your solicitor or your GP, but in order to find out exactly what you are entitled to it's best to start at your local Jobcentre Plus.

Some local authorities may have a welfare rights advisory service and there are other useful sources of help and information such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or the Disability Rights UK website. In particular, the charity Backup has been helping people affected by spinal cord injury for almost 30 years. It offers mentoring, outreach and support as well as information.

There have been many changes to benefits introduced recently, but in general, government support for people with a spinal cord injury is either means-tested, based on current income and savings, or based on the National Insurance (NI) contributions and an assessment of the level of disability.

Means-tested benefits available may include income-related employment and support allowance, housing benefit and council tax relief. Benefits based on assessment of your disability can include disability living allowance/personal independence payment and industrial injuries disablement benefit as well as help to buy or hire mobility equipment. If you need a carer to look after you, you may be able to claim additional support as can those over the age of 16 who provide care for you.

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